Women’s Only Handgun

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THE CLASS STARTS AT 0830! Please arrive 10 minutes early! There are only port-a-potties at the range and no running water. Hand gel is provided.


  • $60 for Non-Members
  • $40 for Members / Member Family / Law Enforcement / Active EMS / Active ER Nurses / Active Duty Military / Fire-Fighter
  • There are no refunds for missed classes, a range training credit will be issued.

You will be taught and practice:

  • Basic pistol and revolver anatomy
  • Basic ammunition anatomy
  • Firearms safety
  • sighting/grip/trigger control
  • stance
  • reloading


  • Handgun (If you don’t own one, we have a limited number of loaners. If using a loaner, if using a loaner, you will still need to bring ammunition)
  • 50 rounds of factory new ammunition (9mm or .380 for a loaner)
  • Water/fluids
  • Lunch-We do not leave the range for lunch
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Hat


To register for a class, READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. Note that you are allowed to register ONE person at a time for a class. To register multiple people, you must go through this process for each person individually:

  1. First, you must put the number "1" (without quotes) into whichever red box matches your status... There are two boxes to choose from, depending on if you are a current BRPC Member, Active Duty Military, or LEO (or none of these). If you are Member, Active Duty, or LEO then change the "0" to a "1" in that box. Otherwise, change the "0" to a "1" in the other box.
  2. Next, select a date to register for from the calendar that shows a GREEN background. If you do not immediately see any dates with a green background, that means there are no dates available for that month. Click the right-arrow at the top of the calendar to move to the next month, and keep doing this until you find a green date that is available for registration.
  3. After clicking the date you want to register for, the "Booking Cost" will then be displayed below the calendar. At that point, simply enter your Member Card Number (if applicable) and click the red BOOK NOW button to complete the process and checkout.