Tactical Pistol is an open discipline that meets every other month on the 4th Saturday. Check the club calendar to confirm dates.

Consider this group an introduction to tactical and competition shooting. This group is open to all shooters regardless of prior experience. Members and non-members of BRPC are welcome. Tactical Pistol is a family-friendly event, so feel free to bring spouses and children over 12 years of age (assuming they have some prior training). Parents will be fully responsible for their minor children. Please note that this is NOT a training event.


We ask for a $5 donation to cover the cost of targets, frames, coffee, snacks, etc. However, we would rather have you come and shoot, so do not let that be what keeps you away.


Shooters should have a handgun with multiple magazines (2+ recommended), 75-150 rounds of ammunition, and an outside the waistband holster (please no SERPA holsters). If you lack this gear but still want to shoot, we can most likely accommodate you. We prefer Every day carry handguns, but feel free to bring your toys.


Start times change based on the weather. We start earlier when it is hot and later when it is cold. Generally, we set up at 0700 and begin the shoot at 0800. However, anyone planning on attending is recommended to confirm the start times with Mike at 702-296-1348 (text preferred). Members communicate using the GroupMe app.


Events take place in one of two formats: LONG course and SHORT course.

A LONG COURSE event is held on the first 100-yard member bay (Upper-1). 7 to 9 stations with various shooting scenarios are set up along the length of the 100-yard bay. A clean run will use between 17 and 25 rounds. The actual number of rounds per run will depend on the shooter.

A SHORT COURSE event is held on the first 25-yard member bay (Upper-6). 3 to 5 stations with various shooting scenarios are set up along the length of the 25-yard bay. A clean run will use between 9 and 15 rounds. The actual number of rounds per run will depend on the shooter.

For both formats, shooters engage between one and three targets (steel and/or paper) at each station and then move to the next station. The last station is always something fun (e.g. a plate rack, Texas star, long shot, tiny target, etc.).

Because of the current ammo shortage, we conduct a .22 LR event every other month. For the .22 events, both .22 pistols and rifles are acceptable. Note: you can shoot a .22 pistol in the handgun events, but you cannot shoot a pistol caliber carbine or any other caliber gun during the .22 events. This is because the settle targets that react to .22 are damaged by traditional handgun calibers. Once ammo becomes more available/affordable, we will likely resume traditional pistol caliber shoots every month.


Each run is timed. We keep track of the best times, deduct time for clean runs, and add time penalties for missed shots, but shooters are really running against their own times (although the fastest time and the clean runs do earn you bragging rights, and get to sign the discipline trophy). The RSOs will not call your shots. Our goal is to get shooters moving and focused on making each shot count without feedback from an RSO.


At any given event, there are multiple scenarios presented in various combinations (including but not limited to): firing from an exposed position, firing from behind concealment, firing prone under an obstacle, firing kneeling over an obstacle, multiple assailant drill, failure to stop drill, shoot, don’t-shoot scenario, hostage-taker drill.


We run a cold range. A cold range means you should feel free to gear up, but NO magazine in your gun and NO round in the chamber until it is your turn to shoot and an RSO has instructed you to load and make ready.

Feel free to load magazines in the staging area, but DO NOT handle any gun in the staging area. There will always be a table on one side of the lane facing into the berm. This is where ANY and ALL gun manipulation should take place if you are not on the course of fire. Every event begins with a safety briefing.

Come prepared to have a good time! Direct questions to Mike Brunson at 702-296-1348. If you plan on attending, please RSVP at least 24 hours in advance so we can plan accordingly.