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Shooting Range


Boulder Rifle and Pistol club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who will not comply with our rules, or the instructions of our Range Safety Officers.
BRPC Range - Satellite View

Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club can only accept cash payments. We do NOT rent or sell any guns, ammo, or paper targets. The club is rustic and utilizes porta-potties and hand-sanitizing dispensers.

The on-duty Range Safety Officer is responsible for operating the Public Courtesy Range and has the final say on all safety and operational issues.

BRPC’s Public Courtesy Range offers ranges for firearms, archery, and crossbows. The Courtesy Range consists of 12 semi-private shooting bays, an archery range, and a 3D archery range. The Courtesy Range has bays with distances from 25 to 200 yards and a shotgun area.

The Public Courtesy Range is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays of each week. Please check the announcements and Calendar for a list of closures.

Upon Entering the club grounds everyone is required to stop and check in at the Range Safety Office (follow signs). Check-in includes acknowledgment and signing of a waiver of liability and assignment of a shooting bay. Everyone in attendance will be required to sign our waiver of liability (even if not shooting) to comply with our insurance requirements. By your checking in and agreeing to the stipulations in the waiver BRPC is authorized to grant a limited membership allowing you to utilize the public range. A limited membership does not grant voting rights or access to the BRPC member-only areas.

Those using our Courtesy Range are required to bring all their own equipment, comply with all BRPC safety rules, and be responsible for everyone in their party. Shooters are required to provide their own eye and ear protection, although disposable earplugs are available, at no charge.

See the duty Range Safety Officer (RSO) for questions on rentals. If bringing your own targets notify the RSO at check-in so they can inspect the target.

Standard Pricing


  • 2-HOUR SHOOTING: $10

* Shooter must bring their own paper targets for the frame.

Other Options



* Shooter must bring their own clay pigeons.

Courtesy Range Restrictions


  • No 50 BMG rifles (or equivalent). Please notify the Range Safety Officer what calibers you are shooting.
  • No steel-core ammunition.
  • No tannerite or exploding targets.
  • No glass.

Shotgun Range

The BRPC shotgun range is limited to #6 shot or smaller, due to limited shot fall area.

Archery Range

  • No broadhead arrows.
  • Crossbows are not allowed on the archery or archery 3D ranges.

NOTE: We do allow crossbows on the courtesy range FIREARM BAYS, but you MUST bring your own target.

Target Placement Requirements

All targets are placed only at the rear of the shooting bay. No targets halfway down range.

All rounds must impact the rear berm of the shooting bay not lower than 2 feet and no higher than 7 feet off the ground. Shoot directly at your target. Do not shoot into the ground or over the berm.

Military Discounts

The Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club supports our active-duty military by allowing active-duty individuals to shoot on the public courtesy range without charge.  See the Duty RSO for more information.

Active-duty individuals may be eligible for discounts on discipline activities.  See the discipline head for additional information.

Active-duty military stationed in the area can become members of the club at any time during the year.

Safety Rules

Please see our BRPC Safety Rules for information on the limits on caliber’s, targets, and ammunition as well as additional club safety requirements.