Started on April 17, 20214 Hours

Nevada requires a renewal training course before filing your application to renew your CCW.  Your permit is valid for five years.  LVMPD currently recommends submitting your application no sooner than 120 days before expiration.  NOTE: If your permit is expired you cannot carry a firearm concealed in the State of Nevada.

Our course is conducted in conjunction with the full day initial CCW course.  Renewal students are welcome to join the course for the entire day or just the renewal portion.

Renewal class begins at 0900 and lasts four (4) hours.  Students will receive an update on statutes that have changed and review regulations and use-of-force.  Renewal students must qualify with a handgun (revolver or semi-auto, any caliber) to pass the course.  The course of fire is identical to the one you fired in your last Nevada CCW course.

Students will need a firearm and a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition.  Practice is a good thing.  If you need some refresher training outside of the course please use the contact form to contact an instructor for private course information.