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2024 Membership as of 12-24-2023

Dear Members,

Your online access to the Boulder Rifle and Pistol club membership renewal website is being extended until Wednesday 31 January 2024.  If you are a current member who has not yet renewed your membership you will now have until Wednesday 31 January 2024 to log on to the club’s website and renew your membership.  If you are a current member who has not received your membership renewal email or if you are a current member who is having problems using the renewal system, please email us at [email protected].  Rest assured that if you miss the Wednesday 31 January 2024 deadline because we failed to send your renewal email – We will make every effort to renew your 2024 membership. Club by-laws state that members have until Friday 15 March 2024 to pay their renewal before losing their member status.

The Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club WILL NOT be accepting any new Member applications at this time. The Board of Directors will be revisiting membership after the first of the year in 2024 so please check back.  This change in membership process will ensure that our nearly 3,000 current members and our guests will receive the quality of service and the quality of facilities maintenance they pay for.