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Upper Member Bay Closures

As the range expansion project continues, we are closing the two short members’ bays on the members-only range starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 15. (Upper bays 8 & 9) We will be adding another four 15-yard bays in place of the two present short bays.

Due to this construction, the remaining two 25-yard bays (Upper bays 6 & 7) will also be closed for safety.  The five 100-yard bays (Upper 1 thru 5) will continue to be available for use by our members during construction.

We ask all Members using the Upper Member bays to be especially alert for heavy equipment that will be working in the area.

This construction is expected to last until the end of November.


All accepted 2023 New Members will be receiving an email with dates and times for our by-laws required New Member Orientation on Tuesday 15 Nov.  After attending this orientation, you will be issued your BRPC Membership gate card.



BRPC     Board of Directors