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As we approach the end of another very busy and exciting year at the BRPC. the Board of Directors would like to extend a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Two reminders:

2023 Dues

IF you have NOT paid your dues for 2023, you will receive a notice on December 24 that your dues for 2023 need to be paid by 31 December 2022, to maintain your benefits and current Club status, as stated in our by-laws. This is the third notice to those that have not paid their dues for 2023, and they are due by 31 December 2022.

A second notice that was sent as a reminder on 1 December 2022  went to some of our members because of a computer programing error by  SMPT,  our email service company.  We believe this has been corrected.

If you get another notice on 24 December that your BRPC dues are due by 31 December, and you have paid your dues for 2023, DISREGARD the notice.  Be assured, we have you in our database as current and paid for 2023 dues.   Please do not submit another payment and double pay.

We sent a snail mail letter by USPS to all those members that have not paid by 31 Jan 2023.