Started on October 17, 2021

Many shooters have turned to reloading to produce customize cartridges designed for specific applications, to create cartridges in rare or hard to find calibers and configuration or to save money over factory ammunition.

In this class you will learn about

  • Different types of cartridges
  • Cartridge components
  • Selecting and adjusting propellant and projectiles for your specific need

We will discuss the three major types of cartridges

  • Straight walled rimless
  • Rimmed with a crimped mouth
  • Bottle neck rifle cartridge

All necessary tools, equipment and cartridge components are furnished to use during the class.

At the conclusion of the course students will have the opportunity to go t the range and test fire the cartridges they produced during the course.

Students will need to bring an appropriate firearm (9mm and/or 223) in order to test fire the cartridges.

This is an NRA sanctioned class.  Students must register and pay online (see Calendar page) AND register for the course with the NRA at Please search for the course by date and location. Co-registration is required to reserve your seat in the course and to ensure you are entered in the NRA system for certification processing.

NOTE: The Club and training facility is rustic and does not have running water. Our restrooms are porta-potties with hand sanitizing dispensers. The classroom is climate controlled however due to the extreme temperature variations during the year we recommend dressing for the season and keeping in mind that the range and classroom are often chilly in the morning and evening hours during the non-sweltering months.

There are no vending or food/drink services on club property or nearby.  Our daylong courses require that students bring all food, drinks, and snacks they will desire for the length of the course.  Most classes utilize a working lunch and students will not have time to leave the property for lunch.

Please do not bring firearms or ammunition into the classroom.